Current series:the Book Of mark

Mark’s Gospel is the shortest and the sharpest of the early accounts of Jesus. This Gospel was likely written first, and it has a sense of urgency about it. Mark announces that something momentous is happening. Wake up! The Kingdom of God is arriving. Repent and believe the Gospel. Join us for a 20 week series as we journey through this fast paced and inspiring Gospel.

Unity Service - 3.31.1

We Are - (Jan-Feb 2019)

We are saved by grace through faith. We do not earn our salvation but receive God’s gracious gift with thankful and repentant hearts. This doesn’t mean that good works are optional for the follower of Jesus Christ. Good works are a sign of an authentic faith that flows from a spirit of love and gratitude for what God has done for us. They are an indication that His spirt lives within us and is at work conforming us into the image of Jesus Christ. We, His workmanship, are created in Christ Jesus for good works, and we ought to walk in them. If we are not, something is wrong. We will start the year off by looking at six marks, six signs, if you will, of authentic faith.


The world is not as it should be, but we have hope. This is the spirit of advent. Advent means “coming”, and in this season we remember that once upon a time Israel longed for their messiah and he came, the messiah came, Jesus Christ. Born of a virgin, he lived a sinless life, showed us the father, and died on the cross for our sins. And just as Israel was right in their time of exile to have hope, so are we – for Christ will return again. With broken and joyful hearts, we expect the advent of Jesus Christ.