In Crosspoint's brief history, God has established a loving family that cares for each other in a sacrificial way. We share each other's burdens and seek out ways to help those in need, be it in our town, our country, or around the globe. 

It is our mission to show our city and this world that God is good, that Jesus is His son, and life is found in relationship with Him. We love dialogue and look forward to hosting respectful meetings in our space or on your turf to talk about God, Science, Culture, and all of the important issues of our day. 

We believe that society flourishes when people of different beliefs come together to discover what is true. Hit us up. We love to listen, learn, and persuade.

Now don’t misunderstand our goal. This isn’t some anything goes, relativistic, post-modern community. We firmly believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and that you can be saved by His grace through faith. But we also believe you should be given good reasons to believe. We don’t expect you to just “trust us.” So if you want to know if God is real, the good news is that He has made himself known in objective ways that can be discovered by all. You can know God, and we would be glad to tell you all about it.